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Due to being close to full, we are currently not accepting owner surrenders. We do have some reserved space for rescue/agency transfers.

We are working on opening up, hopefully at the end of the month. Things are still a bit hectic as we are trying to finish taking care of some personal things related to the passing of some family members.

Surrender Inquiry

Is this an urgent or emergency surrender inquiry?
Have you spoke with all parties concerned (owners, family, etc) about possibly surrendering the chin(s)?

About You

Chinchilla(s) Information

Testing/Research Disclosure and Notice of Death

OCR only conducts testing upon the recommendation of a state-licensed veterinarian for the purpose of diagnosing a health concern and we do not re-home, transfer, donate, or otherwise knowingly send live chinchillas for the purpose of research or education. If a chinchilla passes away while in our care we may choose to donate their body for research or education and OCR receives no monetary gain or incentive for doing so. We respectfully ask to donate your chin(s) remains if they should pass away in our care, but will opt-out your chin upon request.


I understand the importance of not withholding food and water for extended periods of time prior to and during transportation and understand that by doing so can cause death of my chin(s).

If the chinchilla(s) is fed something other than Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla pellets, I will try to provide OCR with 1-2 cups of the chin(s) current pellets. I further understand that failing to do so can lead to the chinchilla(s) having digestive upset from OCR not being able to properly transition my chin(s) onto the new pellet.

I understand that OCR may place an ear tag or tattoo on one of the chin(s) ears for the purpose of identification. It is done so to help any future owner be able to request any information on the chinchilla if they should happen to forget it, or if the chinchilla is ever rehomed in the future and the new owner needs to ask OCR for the chins information.

I understand that by submitting this Surrender Inquiry it is not an agreement to surrender my chin(s) or an agreement for OCR to take in my chin(s).


I hereby certify that I am the rightful owner/caretaker/custodian of the herein above listed chinchilla(s) and understand that if OCR accepts the chin(s) as a surrender that I cannot ask for them back, that receiving updates while the chin is in the care of OCR is at the discretion of OCR, and understand that once the chinchilla is adopted that I may cease to get any further updates.

direct email

If at any point you have an issue with this form, please send us a direct email at and we will be happy to send you our application via email.