Oregon Chinchilla Rescue

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Currently cloSed!

7/15 - We have been making some additional time for our personal life. Email is generally replied to every few days.

Contact Us

When contacting OCR I ask that you keep in mind that we are operated by an individual and not a whole team of people or volunteers. During busy times it will unfortunately take me longer to reply to every email and message.

Volunteering and Fostering
We currently do not have opportunities for volunteering or fostering. We have tried to implement both numerous times (as recently as October 2021), but due to thefts, no call/no show, and other reasons we have decided against both.

Please email us at


We do not post our address online.

When we have done so it resulted in people stopping by at all hours without appointments (getting mad and yelling when we wouldn't drop everything for them), theft, harassment, and animals being dumped on our door step.

Thank you for your understanding.

Voice Mail & text Message

We have cancelled our VoIP number for our rescue.

Please contact us by email or facebook.