Oregon Chinchilla Rescue

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Chinchillas For Adoption

Unless otherwise noted all chinchillas are intact and therefore can only be housed alone, with animals of the opposite gender that have been spayed/neutered, or with animals of the same gender.

A Few Photography Notes
Photos posted may be a chins intake photo. The majority of intake photos frequently show matted/greasy fur, urine stains, or other issues. These temporary issues are usually gone within 2 to 6 weeks after arriving, depending on the severity. Photos will be updated periodically, however most chins get adopted before we take and post their updated photos.

Our photographs are not intended to be professional quality, we intend them to be fun and quirky. The majority of "props" (i.e. toys) used in our photos are typically only used for the photo session and only while properly supervised.

Adoptable & Available Soon Chins