Oregon Chinchilla Rescue

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Adoption Information

Thank you for having an interest in adopting one of our adorable rescues. While OCR is a in-home rescue, we take pride in placing our rescues in homes that have the knowledge on providing proper care, safety, food, and a variety of other things. This is of utmost importance as many of our rescues have had a hard life and they deserve to find the best homes possible.

Chinchillas are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis to approved homes. OCR will however attempt to work with potential adopters in the order in which they contacted the rescue (within reason).

We reserve our right to refuse adoption at any time and will not tolerate any rude, bullying, or disrespectful contact of any kind. Anyone doing so will be denied adoption.

We require that adopters be 18 years of age, or have their parent/guardian present at the time of adoption.

Care Package

Every chin adopted will come with a care package. This includes Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Pellets, Timothy Hay, Dust Bath, an assortment of treats and chews (varieties dependent on availability), their wooden cage accessories consisted of ledges, house, cage guards, and any toys. We also happily include a water bottle and dust bath container when we have extras available.

An adopter will also have the option to receive concentrated deodorizer and sanitizer that they can mix with 8-16 fl. oz. of water. 

Health Guarantee

Due to the unknown background of surrendered animals, we cannot guarantee that the chin(s) have not had any health issues prior to being in our care. We also cannot guarantee that they are free of genetic issues. Unless otherwise stated.

Unless otherwise stated for an individual animal, OCR offers a limited 14-day health guarantee.

Purchasing Supplies & Requirements

We try to keep a small variety of supplies on hand for people to purchase. And do offer discounts on a single ChinSpin wheel if purchased at the time of adoption.

Unless you are purchasing supplies from us prior to, or at the time of adoption, we require that you already own all the necessary supplies for owning chinchilla by the time you come to pick out your new companion.

Photos of current supplies and setup are required and all supplies must be approved by OCR. If any changes are needed, they must be done prior to adoption (or obtained from us at the time of adoption). I do my best to provide FREE replacements for people at the time of adoption, however this does not include cages, wheels, or metal cage trays.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees range from $80 to $150. 


We do not ship adopted chinchillas.

When transporting a chin must be inside the vehicle with you and kept out of the floor and direct sunlight. When traveling during the warmer months, you must also have a functioning air conditioner in your vehicle.

Unless otherwise arranged, you must bring an approved carrier with you. For the health and safety of adopted animals, we will not allow you to transport a chinchilla in an improper or otherwise unsafe carrier, OR allow them to be transported during warmer weather in a vehicle without air conditioning.

We do our best to offer transportation/delivery, but may require a delivery fee. Any delivery fee is strictly limited to the gasoline expense we incur for the round trip.