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Adoption Application

1. About You

1a. Age or Guardian Requirements

2. Ear Tags

EAR TAGS: Any adopted chinchilla will come with an ear tag, OCR uses these as a type of semi-permanent identification. One side of the ear tag with have RESQ to state that the animal is from Oregon Chinchilla Rescue, and the other side has the animals rescue number. An owner can message us in the future if they are needing any information on their chinchilla.

3. Chinchilla Stuff

Are you currently able to maintain a chinchillas environment under 74* F all year round?

4. Signatures

By typing my name below I understand that this will be considered as a digital signature. And understand that this is not an agreement or guarantee that I will be approved for adoption.

4a. Parent/Guardian Approval (if required)

5. Submit Your Application

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Read Before Applying

Please be sure to read the pages under the Chinformation tab prior to submitting an adoption application. 

direct email

If at any point you have an issue with this form, please send us a direct email at and we will be happy to send you our application via email.